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Question typically asked by advanced users
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Question about your account
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Questions about Domains and what they mean
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General Questions about FlashChat
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Questions specific about Livedrive service
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General questions about SSL
Web Host Questions (11)
General questions about web hosting
Where do I enter my proxy settings?
When the desktop client prompts you to enter your username and password, there’s a button...
If I want to remove all my files, can I clear my Livedrive cache?
There is an option to remove your cache and settings when you uninstall Livedrive
How do I change my Livedrive drive letter?
  The default installation of Livedrive will select ‘L’ as your drive letter....
How do I store my iTunes library on my Livedrive?
  You can use Livedrive as your iTunes library location by opening iTunes and selecting...
Application Paths - What is the path to ...?
Here is a list of commonly used paths:The webroot path is /home/username/public_htmlThe path to...

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